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Community-Police Relations (CPR) Forum to Take Place in South Memphis August 26th

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South Memphis/Soulsville 
Neighborhood Association Forum
Monday, August 26th
6 - 8p (5:30 sign-in)
Union Valley Baptist Church
1051 East. McLemore

The Community-Police Relations (CPR) project is a groundbreaking partnership between citizens and law enforcement officers that is challenging both groups to overcome their differences and distrust to work together on the deepest problems of our community.

The forums give you the opportunity to share your story and vision for Community-Police Relations, and will be used to develop and implement recommendations toward positive outcomes through dialog  Be a part of the conversation as the community sets the vision of how we will deal with crime and violence in our city.

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What Happens at the CPR Forums?  Keep it Here, Keep it Real, and Keep it Safe!
Four central questions are posed to forum participants:  What is your vision of community and police relations? What are the barriers preventing you from reaching your vision?  What are the solutions to reach your vision of community-police relations? How do you reach your solutions to accomplish your vision?

After each forum, participants are invited to be a part of the Community Engagement group representing their community. The Community Engagement group will later join the CPR Core Group to discuss recommendations toward reconciliation.  The first Community Engagement Forum will be held Saturday, August 31st.

Hickory Hill Forum
Monday, September 30th, 
6 - 8p (5:30 sign-in)
Hickory Hill Community Center, 3910 Ridgeway Road
Outreach Contact: Mr. Sonny Robinson, bongotiger1@gmail.com

For more information about the Community-Police Relations project, please contact:

Melissa Miller-Monie, CPR Organizing Coordinator
Phone: 901-725-4990, Email: melissa@midsouthpeace.org

The CPR Team- Bridging the Gap between Community and Police Relations: Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, Community Leaders, Memphis Police Department, Shelby County Sheriff's Department, Playback Memphis, and a third party facilitator.  

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